Adult Climbing Course

Pinnacle Adult Climbing Course:

Wednesday Classes
7:00pm – 8:00pm

$149.95 + HST

Whether you’ve just started or are getting back into climbing this is the course for you! We will focus on getting you up the wall more efficiently with techniques to help you improve to get to that next level.

The Pinnacle Adult Climbing Course will run for 4 weeks from the time of purchase.

  • The course includes a FREE membership for the duration
  • ALL rental equipment (shoes, harness and chalk bag) are FREE meaning outside of lesson time you are FREE to come practice the skills you’ve been learning.


The course training focuses more on technique than strength.  Contrary to what newcomers to the sport might think, extreme upper body strength isn’t necessary to start climbing. The first secret is knowing that technique gets you further than strength alone. Remember that the muscles in our lower body are much bigger and stronger, and it makes sense for them to do a lot of the work. When you have a strong base of technical skills, you will see your strength and endurance exponentially grow.  Because climbing is a full body work out, we are seeing more customers move away from traditional static and repetitive work outs that you see in most conventional gyms.  Your core, legs, arms and back must work together when climbing and you will see yourself get stronger after just a few climbing sessions!


Yes, you read that right!  More studies are coming out that demonstrate that putting your body under physical stress and having to still concentrate on figuring out how to make a specific move to climb a wall is very stimulating mentally. While very early in their trials, people with Parkinsons and other nurological conditions have noted that climbing has helped slow the effects of their disease and some have even reported seeing the disease actually regress.  Some climbers have been able to regain control and improve motor function that they felt was lost forever! Check out this link!


For close to a decade, Brandon has been coaching at several top Climbing Gyms across Ontario. He is regarded as one of Ontario’s top coaches.



A strong instructor in all climbing disciplines (lead, speed and bouldering), Brandon has lead multiple climbers to compete at the national and international levels, most notably Evangelina BRIGGS (

From teaching the basics, to developing National champions, Brandon has developed a proven training program

This strong background in coaching has allowed Brandon to develop a proven curriculum to help climbers reach their full potential.  Whether climbing for the joy of the sport, or climbing to compete at the highest level, Brandon is able to get the most of any climber.

Brandon’s certifications include:

ACMG Climbing Gym Instructor: Level 1

USAC Routesetting: Level 1