Getting Started

We all Want to Climb!

Ever since we were children, all we’ve wanted to do is climb over and on top of things – That tree in the park, the neighbors fence or the outside of a staircase, as soon as we can walk, we’ve wanted to climb!

How to get Started Climbing with Us

Before you can start climbing at Durham’s Premier Climbing facility, there are a few things we need to know from you.

Have Questions?

We have answers

First, please fill out our online waiver to register. This will speed up your check in process. After you have completed the waiver we just need to know a few things

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Great! Once you have your waiver signed our staff will just need to confirm a few things before you start climbing.


No worries! Our friendly staff will just need to go over a few climbing rules and etiquette and show you how to get on the walls safely


Perfect!  We will just need to see you complete the skills for us to certify you to climb our Top Rope and Lead Walls (we’ll even give you a cool tag for your harness so our staff will know what level you can climb at!).


No worries!  We have plenty of Smart Belay routes available for you to climb without needing to have any Top Rope or Lead climbing experience.  If you would like to take a Top Rope or Lead lesson or test we can arrange one for you.  Please note, these must be booked in advance. 


Awesome!  Just please let us take a quick look at what you are using so we know that you are safe when climbing on our walls. 


Once again, No Worries!!  We have rental harness, shoes and chalk bags here for you!  Just check in with our friendly staff and they will take care of all of your climbing requirements.