Two classes

5 years to 7 years-Every Sunday STARTS NOVEMBER 14TH 9AM-10:30AM. ONCE A WEEK FOR 8 WEEKS UNTIL JAN 8TH, 2022.

8 years-13 years Every Saturday STARTS NOVEMBER 13TH 9AM-10:30AM. ONCE A WEEK FOR 8 WEEKS UNTIL JAN 15, 2022.

Why: To become a better climber! We tailor our programming to meet your needs. So whether you just put on a harness for the first time, or you’re gearing up for the next big climbing comp, our lessons are guaranteed to improve your climbing ability. Each student will be individually assessed at various benchmarks of the program on flexibility, strength and quickness.

Who: whether you’re brand new or have a lot of experience, this program is right for you

How: Regular lessons on technique (i.e. footwork, body positioning, assessment of hold types and grip required for each one)

Where: Pinnacle Indoor Climbing!

Cost is $321.00 for an 8 week program. This comes with FREE membership (unlimited climbing) for the DURATION of the program).

Please call 905-697-3310 to register. Limited spaces available.

Please note, we will follow the most up to date safety and sanitizing practices provided by the local board of health during the Pandemic.